Buchbinder has been going strong for more than three generations and the legacy of the founding partners still remains.

Our rich history begins with two New York firms: Buchbinder Stein & Company and Tunick & Platkin. Both had been operating separately and successfully since 1945. In 1978, those two firms merged to form what is now Buchbinder Tunick & Company. The firm moved to a new office in New York and that location is where Buchbinder operates today.

Buchbinder’s deep roots in labor unions started with Ray Buchbinder. After serving in World War II, Ray started his own firm with one client – a large labor union. From that relationship, a strong foundation was built and a booming niche practice was born.

Buchbinder also has a deep history with privately held and family-owned businesses. Dr. Stanley Tunick was a lawyer, accountant and educator. He was the former chairman of the Accounting Department at Baruch College and was the co-author of the leading college textbook “Fundamental Accounting”.  His business knowledge and strong skills and leadership were passed on to the next generation of partners and his legacy still lives on with the firm.

A Legacy of Strong Values

Buchbinder and Tunick imparted a strong sense of service, integrity and client loyalty into the fabric of the firm and the partners today convey that same message to the firm’s next generation.

In the mid 1980’s, the firm opened an office in Washington, D.C. After a few years, Buchbinder merged with a small firm in the area, Popeck, Musher and Kowler. Joe Musher and Michael Kowler both remain with us today as partners. During the ensuing years, Buchbinder has successfully merged both privately held and family-owned business and non-profit practices.